What color is a mirror?

Какого цвета зеркало?

A thousand years ago the farmer went to the river to see how much has grown back his beard. Now the mirror thing, admire it all day long, but how a person sees his reflection in it, and a mirror of the color itself, when it reflects nothing?

To understand the physics of mirrors, you need to understand the physics of light. Everything that we see is the rays of the Sun or any other light source that are reflected from surfaces. The laws of reflection of light was experimentally discovered by the ancient Greek scholar Euclid. Our image in the mirror is the light rays that are first reflected from the body, then from the surface of the mirror and finally came to us in the eye. The same situation with any subject. Let the light falls on an Apple, it has lights in different colors, but some of these rays absorbs the surface of the fruit. If the Apple is red, it reflects only the red rays, if green, just green.

Everything is logical. The black color we see when all the rays are absorbed, and white, when all the rays are reflected. The mirror or the water surface reflect almost all the rays, so we see their happy faces. Well, but the snow is also white, why it appears empty?

Because all of these multi-colored light rays reflected in different directions due to surface irregularities. That’s ice been a little better, and smooth or polished stone countertop allow more or less enjoy yourself.

You can look at a surface. In ancient Egypt, for example, people primping in front of the alloy of tin and copper. But reflects light the best polished silver. From it for a long time did mirrors and they are, of course, was terribly expensive. All well-known sign “a Broken mirror is bad luck” really worked.

Modern mirrors are often coated with aluminum, but is sometimes used and silver, though in such small doses, to witness his pocket was for everyone.

So, what color is a mirror? He is usually depicted silver, which in General is logical, because it is made of silver. Or is it still white reflects all the rays of light?

A great mirror can really be called white, but that doesn’t exist. A conventional mirror best reflects light with a wave length of 510 nm, which we perceive as green, so the mirrors are a little green. It’s noticeable if you put one mirror in front of another. Each subsequent reflection greener and greener and greener.

There is only one unanswered question. Why a mirror reverses everything left to right? Why the lyrics turn into a spell in the unknown language, and raised the left hand becomes right? Actually, it’s just a trick of our brain that thinks opposite is a human being, to repeat the pose of the person in front, who lifted his right hand to raise the left, but when looking in the mirror with his hand, mentally to finish to the palm of your hand the arrow will be that it shows in the right direction, so that neither horizontally nor vertically mirror the image does not expand. Expands only in the forward direction. Or, for example, if we take the word, written in bright marker on a thin sheet and show his reflection in the mirror, it will appear the opposite. Well clearance get nonsense, but if you turn a leaf to face him so that standing in his place to read the words in the reflection, it too, will look familiar.

The mirror always tells the truth, no matter how unpleasant it was.