What did Angela Merkel against Ukraine: important facts

Чем отличилась Ангела Меркель в отношении Украины: важные факты

Thursday, 1 November, Angela Merkel arrived in Kiev. Meeting of the German guest – blocked the centre of Kiev for half a day. The President has traditionally given a bouquet of flowers, she also did a nice gesture shook hands with the military in Ukrainian.

“Mother Germany” – as the Germans call Angela Merkel. She led the country for 13 years, but a fourth term as Chancellor will be her last. Earlier in the week Angela Merkel said that leaving politics.

She was born in Hamburg to a Lutheran pastor. First, Merkel had planned to work in the scientific field. She even got a doctorate in quantum chemistry. Had to teach Russian in Donetsk exchange. When did the process of unification of FRG and GDR, decided to try himself in politics. For a year she had sat in the Bundestag.

For 15 years, Angela Merkel has held the post of Chancellor. She became the first woman in modern history, Germany conquered the highest step of the political ladder. Germans remember well how, thanks to the efforts of this steel Frau the country out of financial crisis. In Brussels, Merkel called the engine of the Association. It has handled the immigration crisis.

Ukrainians Merkel is remembered as a member of channel four and one of the few Western politicians who was ready to hear Putin. As told in his memoirs the President of France Francois Hollande, Chancellor of Germany in Minsk in 2015, wrote the text of the agreements.

Despite the efforts of Merkel’s Minsk agreements remain on paper, but the project “Nord stream-2” moved into the construction phase. This achievement will allow the Chancellor of Germany to become the gas hub of Northern and Central Europe and Ukraine could cost $ 3 billion loss annually. Merkel assured that Ukraine will guarantee transit of Russian gas to the EU.

I made it clear that the project “Northern stream-2” is not possible without guarantees on the role of Ukraine as a transit country,

– said Merkel.

But so far Kiev has not received any guarantees. In Germany, meanwhile, have already started to look for a successor to Merkel. According to German experts, have more chances of the Secretary General of the Christian democratic Union Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. She jokingly called a “mini-Merkel”. Annegret is a very pragmatic and focused on specific issues. And willing to discuss the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Domestic experts said that the need to strengthen domestic policies, then external changes – not terrible.

In order to prepare for any situation, it is necessary to realize its strategic interests, what they are. When we have this awareness and our national strategic interests will be at a level beyond the reach of political controversy, then we will move forward, regardless of who’s in charge of Germany,

– said political analyst Yevgeny Magda.

The powers of the Chancellor of Germany will end in 2021 when the country will hold its next parliamentary elections. With the departure of Angela Merkel will end a whole era of European politics. For almost 30 years political career, she has achieved a lot and even managed to learn a little Ukrainian.

Чем отличилась Ангела Меркель в отношении Украины: важные факты