What intimate fantasies typical of the different personality types

Какие интимные фантазии свойственны разным типам личности

American researcher Justin Lehmiller serious approach to sensitive issues, and has conducted a large study among several thousands of their compatriots in age from 18 to 87 years with different views on life and sexual preferences. In the process the scientist get acquainted with the peculiarities of their personalities: whether subjects are focused on their inner world, how pedantic they are open to new experiences, altruistic, and prone to stress, write Super.ru.

If the results of the study and could be called sensational, it is not exactly by extroverts and lovers of novelties: they are all stable. Extraordianry people, draw energy in interaction with the outside world, transfer their sociability and in the bedroom – they are more likely to fantasize about threesomes and different forms of polygamy. People who are open to new experiences, naturally, do not change your natural curiosity when it comes to sex. All the unusual poses and locations they have already considered and some implemented.

Differently showed pedants who tend to pay a lot of attention to detail. Order in their lives is paramount, so scheduling sex in a pleasant atmosphere and sound environment will suit them much more than BDSM practitioners. The same policy bed hold neurotics. Lehmiller, explains this by the fact that increased anxiety, dissatisfaction and involvement in the problem is also influenced by: the fear to face new stress and even in sexual life does not allow neurotics to relax. Have fantasies about group sex there is no chance to take the thoughts of such people, but the romance and passion in a familiar environment, they do not occupy.

Altruists have shown themselves to be ideal partners to care for the ones they do not cease and in the bedroom. Among their fantasies more common orientation for mutual pleasure, and a favorite among altruists – 69, but this is not accurate and requires further study. Sex without love and the extreme is definitely not for them.

And finally, it is time for the main tent, which suddenly appeared “shy” introverts. The main rule of the sexual fantasy no rules. Head of creative by nature introverts have thoughts about everything from romantic nights with loved ones, who are so fond of neurotics, to BDSM and tabooyoung sex, to which no one showed much interest. So a scientific study Justin Lehmiller about sexual preferences of different personality types suddenly told the world what run deep still waters run deep.