What Is Yom Kippur? It’s Not the Jewish Holiday With a Menorah – NBC New York

The holiest day of the Jewish calendar is underway, as Yom Kippur began at sunset on Tuesday.

It’s the day when members of the Jewish religion quick for twenty-four hours whereas searching for atonement and repentance.

However the New York Metropolis Council might have to atone itself for its social media gaffe earlier in the day.

The council tweeted out a graphic that learn “Happy Yom Kippur” — together with a image of a menorah.

That is fallacious on a number of fronts, and the council was referred to as out for its hiccup. First, the menorah is used at Hanukkah, not Yom Kippur. Secondly, Yom Kippur will not be a celebration, it’s a holy day.

The council deleted the tweet and issued an apology earlier than sending out a more appropriate message later in the night.

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