What persecution have been the actress in Egypt by explicit dresses

Какой травли подверглась актриса в Египте из-за откровенного платья

The leaders of many countries now realized that to control their people so much easier when these people are in the darkness of ignorance, religion and spiritual braces. One of the clearest examples is poor, but incredibly spiritual Egypt, where this week there was a very significant scandal.

Egyptian darkness

Popular local actress Rania Youssef was under investigation for violation of public morals. Its a crime by our standards is just ridiculous.

At the opening ceremony of the Cairo film festival, the actress wore a translucent dress. In my opinion, pretty stupid, but that’s no reason to put her in jail!

According to local religious authorities and defenders of spiritual braces, Rania Youssef insulted his appearance the whole of Egypt, and should be punished. Local government, which has nothing to do with terrorists and corruption, immediately sided with the violent Champions of morality.

The attorney-General one day concocted charges, and sent him to court. If nothing changes, then the actress will be judged in early January. In case, if found guilty, (and this, of course, happen), she’s facing up to six years in prison.

She tried to apologize and said he didn’t want to insult anyone and got dressed like any other international film festival, but perhaps it will help. Formally a secular Egypt has become a country of victorious spirituality, so to speak. This is another proof that the world is heading into darkness, the power of lawlessness, of religious obscurantism and disregard for human rights. To save civilization from destruction will be almost impossible.

The President from the world

So historically, the main providers of international news we are Europe America. Well, sometimes China with the Middle East. However, the rest of the world is not static, there also is a lot of wild and even crazy. For example, I really liked the story from Nigeria, where the local President, if I might say, rose from the dead.

Mohammad Bukhari, who is now 75 years old, became President in 2015. And almost immediately after inauguration it became clear that he was seriously ill (what – so never and did not say). After that he became from time to time to travel abroad for treatment. And each time he left for a long time – at least for a few months.

While Buhari led a fairly prudent policy of mass executions were not satisfied and fought as best he could, with corruption. Therefore, the population of Nigeria was calm for long periods of absence. All was relatively well, but by African standards – all excellent. The situation changed in the beginning of 2018. Bukhari came back from another medical trip to London and said that his condition has improved significantly.

And you know, didn’t lie, one his appearance it was clear that things went better. From a decrepit old man, magically it turned into a pretty strong man. You can tell a very different man. Actually, it is in Nigeria, many people said. There was a rumor about the switch. New Bukhari is so much different from the old that the Internet was flooded with videos about the seizure of power in the country is double of the President.

Someone even found (or invented) the name of this double – Jubril Sudanese. The creators claimed that this Bukhari died in London, and in its place a sinister elite put a stranger. The authors of the video compared the shape of the eyes, ears, eyebrows old and new presidents, making an unambiguous conclusion – the king is not real!

The President in this situation has become quite difficult. If the person is dead, then prove it, by presenting the corpse. But to show that, if the person is alive? His current body of evidence is not considered, since the former will not be, and generally is considered a double.

Until recently, it didn’t cause any problems, but now in Nigeria to start the campaign. In February 2019, Buhari wants to be reelected. He will be very difficult to do that if everyone will think that the country is ruled by a DoppelgangeR from another country.

Therefore, the President of Nigeria has released an official statement with an amazing header. I don’t remember. It reads: “This is the real me. President Buhari responds to rumours of cloning”. In a statement, he claims that is not dead that no one keeps him in prison, and that the country is governed is the man that Nigerians chose as their President. He also said that mock him, only his grandchildren who are becoming more. In addition, soon, 17 December, is going to celebrate his 76th birthday.

The statement is good, but it is unclear how it should affect those who believe in the double and everything. I’m afraid that until the end of days he will have to live in the atmosphere of General suspicion. And why? There was no need to hide from the public information about their illness. If he honestly told me everything, and credibility would be a lot more. Now Nigerians can punish Buhari for secrecy and not to re-elect him as their leader.

The End Of Civilization

World-renowned British naturalist sir David Attenborough, speaking at the Congress of environmentalists in the Polish Katowice, made a wonderful prediction. He announced that the destruction of human civilization is already clearly visible on the horizon. In his opinion, it will happen if we don’t immediately take the mind and do not address the problem of global climate change.

Attenborough is one of the most influential people in the world in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection. Several generations of Britons, Americans and citizens of other countries of the world grew up on his documentaries about wildlife. It can be said, became the ancestor of this genre. Queen Elizabeth II and that is what made him a knight of the British Empire, giving him the title of sir.

Attenborough knows about his reputation and cherishes it. And certainly he will not make rash and stupid statements at the age of 92 years. Accordingly, we can very easily trust a person who knows about the state of nature more than anyone on this planet. Human civilization really is under threat of destruction because of our wild, predatory attitude to natural resources. We have become like a disease that destroys all life in its path.

Attenborough expressed the hope that it is still possible to change, and the process of destruction of the civilization expand if world leaders will demonstrate the leadership and statesmanship. If they’ll just be able to look 20 years ahead.

Then I optimism Attenborough do not share. I am quite sure that the destruction of human civilization can not be stopped. And it’s not that it’s late twitch to do something, probably. The fact that almost all countries are run by idiots and notorious scoundrels. Expect them to leadership or wisdom simply does not make sense.

Therefore, our civilization is doomed to a quick death – in full accordance with the prediction of sir David Attenborough.

Какой травли подверглась актриса в Египте из-за откровенного платья

Какой травли подверглась актриса в Египте из-за откровенного платья

Какой травли подверглась актриса в Египте из-за откровенного платья

Какой травли подверглась актриса в Египте из-за откровенного платья