What products are not worth buying for new year’s table

Какие продукты не стоит покупать к новогоднему столу

Expert in quality and food safety Elena Sidorenko has told, what products should give the Ukrainians, making purchases for the New year. Writes Newsmir.info referring to “Голос.UA”.

So, to poisoning can result from the eating of caviar stored in metal container. The packaging for this product needs to be made of glass. You must also pay attention to the quality of oil you purchase. Because of the shortage of raw materials, the product is often counterfeited. Therefore, to buy butter need in places where trade is officially permitted. Also, remember that the price per hundred grams of such product may not be below thirty hryvnias.

On the third place in terms of danger is the fish cutting. Especially it is necessary to abandon the pre-sliced salmon. Elena Sidorenko noted that a product spoils quickly. Also in its production are often not adhered to the required temperature. So experts recommends buying fish pieces or whole. So you do not overpay for the package and save your health.