“Who is there in the summer, sitting at home” actor “Diesel Show” got in an accident in Kiev

"Кто там на летней, сидите дома": актер "Дизель Шоу" попал в ДТП в Киеве

Actor “Diesel Show” Eugene Gashenko got into a small accident on the first day of snowfall in Kiev. This he said in a video published on the page of “Diesel Studio” in Facebook.

The actor has already started filming in the morning program “Morning Gasoline”. On the way to work his car, which he has not managed to change “rubber”, a slightly skidded, and in traffic it was hit by a van. According to Galenko, no one except the bumper of his car, was not injured.

“It was an accident is small, but there were no injuries. The bus remained intact, and went on, shaking hands… All with the first snow, who is on summer tires – sitting at home better,” he added.

Also in the program “Morning Gasoline” returns another actress Studio Victoria Bulitko.

“Victoria Bulitko found the strength and co-starred in the “Diesel in the MORNING”. Together with partners Alexander Berezhko and Eugene, Gasenko that still rely on crutches, they will give a portion of fresh news that bring weekend”, – stated in the message of the band to Instagram.