Why Pro priests ask for the release of Ukrainian sailors

Почему пророссийские попы просят освободить украинских моряков

The release of the Ukrainian seamen, captured on November 25 in the neutral waters of the Russian Federation, now is a priority, the implementation of which should be thrown all available political resources.

But, in the last days, see a wild tent when this process included representatives of organizations and individuals who, at least according to moral principles would have to remain on the sidelines.

A real surprise for me was the appeal of the representative of the Moscow Exarchate (or is already correct to speak of the sect?) Metropolitan Sarny and Polesie Anatoly, the Russian President Vladimir Putin to release of Ukrainian sailors. And I was surprised not so much that the so-called Metropolitan appealed to Putin as “His Excellency”, as the fact of conversion of the representative branch of the FSB to the immediate supervisor, the commander of his subordinates in that tragic day.

In parallel with Anatoly worked and Odessa looking from MP, better known as the Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel, who had made a similar request to the so-called Patriarch Kirill.

However do not be fooled, in this appeal the value of virtue tends to zero, but the selfish purposes it can be many different, and at least two should be sound. The first is the demonstration in terms of an imminent expulsion of the Moscow Exarchate of Ukraine some positive side. Well, you know, the propaganda of Nazi Germany, where Hitler loved to be photographed with the kids.

The second point is much more important, because the Moscow Exarchate, being a branch of the FSB, not only can be a direct negotiator in the release, but in exchange for our seamen to bargain for the preservation of certain positions in Ukraine.

But, I did not have time to transfer the breath from the messages about the occurrence, Metropolitan Anatoly, as the network began to receive stuffing that Viktor Medvedchuk is the only one who can liberate our prisoners, and Irina Gerashchenko Lyudmila Denisova only make the negotiation process.

Of course, I would like in this context to wonder how many Ukrainian prisoners had been released through the efforts of Medvedchuk, and how the efforts of Gerashchenko and Denisova, but, as in the case of eroticisim Metropolitan, we understand that these passages are trying to impose. The more that Viktor was successfully eliminated from “the Minsk” talks, and to be attached to his person, in the format of peacekeeping and narrative “world-world”, where it should be.

Here and amazing friends, I observe how at the same time, literally in unison, to the question of the liberation of our seamen began to bring the local Pro-Russian and that the Russian stratum. And it’s not for the liberation of prisoners, and lobbying (ie – Kremlin) interests.