Will reveal the true person: Elena Temnikova will teach girls to hide acne

Покажет истинное лицо: Елена Темникова научит девушек скрывать акне

The controversial article did I hurt the singer.

Elena Temnikova explained to the fans why constantly hide skin problems with photoshop. According to the singer, the problems she had due to an autoimmune disease, not nekrasovskoe, as written by some media. The disease resulted in acne, which is struggling Temnikova is not the first month. In the social network of Elena corrects photos with a photo editor, what do not forget to specify in the posts, but in real life she is not without “photoshop”.

The singer has told how uses for masking pimples, but decided not to finish their help. It will teach your podeschi, how to use various tonal / basics to photo editing don’t take up much time. This means that Elena Temnikova will show fans his true face, without make-up and tons of protective layers of cream. Girls in the comments began to dissuade the singer from the venture, as this “nudity” is only going to make “tabloids” on new inventions. Regular stress can kick the health of Temnikovo, which will significantly complicate the treatment of acne.