With these signs on the children agree even doctors

С этими приметами о детях согласны даже врачи

Modern science has confirmed the many situations which our ancestors knew. Today Kolobok has prepared a list of take-warnings that should be known by every mother.

Before 40 days no one can show a child. Our ancestors believed that the baby can jinx it. But modern pediatricians claim that the ban is correct – the fewer visits will be to the newborn, the less chance of catching some disease.

You cannot put a child on a table, or for no reason will fall. Modern moms know what this sign is correct. The child may fall from any height. Therefore, precautionary measures will never be superfluous.

You can’t kiss baby on the mouth, otherwise talking will not be long. Any infection in the baby’s body, hurting his development. And this is an undeniable fact.

Baby you can’t feed fish as long as you don’t start talking. Physicians agree with this statement. Because the fish is quite allergenic product, and small bones that can be seen with mother, will create a danger for the baby.

Years to to cut their kid, otherwise the mind will cut out. Ridiculous ban, right? But our ancestors believed that the worse the punishment, the more likely that parents will not cross the limits. Although in fact the children under one year old fidgety enough and to cut them is to perform a miracle. Any wrong move with the scissors and the child will be afraid of hairdressers, at worst you will hurt yourself.

The first bathing is desirable to put in a bath silver thing that the child was rich. Science has long proved that the silver turns ordinary water into “alive”, that is, disinfects and nourishes healing properties.

Noisy children are to the Church. The impact of bell ringing knew even our grandmothers and great grandmothers and we, unfortunately, do not know.

On Fridays, you cannot bathe your baby. Well, the ban is quite simple. It is believed that even bathing the baby should be given a rest. And many moms are so hard tinder their children that it then goes to their detriment.

Before the year is impossible the child to reveal a mirror, otherwise your happiness misses. In fact, doctors also ask parents not to bring kids to the mirror so they were not afraid.

It is impossible to throw the dirty baby clothes on the floor. It is believed that the child will live in poverty. And then, of course, you can smile, but you can think about. First, the order in the house no one has yet prevented. And secondly, the kid from childhood to see mom is keeping everything in order, and therefore an example to follow will be positive!